Equipment pictured is VMS5

Revolutionary Science Meets Strength & Endurance

This revolutionary Vertical Movement System™ (VMS™) is the edge you’ve been looking for in functional training! Using Global Neuromuscular Activation™, you automatically turn on all the muscles in your body! With this kind of muscle access, YOU become the machine, building strength..

..muscular endurance, cardiovascular fitness, power and core body development.

It’s All About Vertical!

Bringing hundreds of muscles online and into action, results come fast with less time invested! Low impact de-compressive movements, balanced loads, improved mobility and flexibility.

Vertical Movement™ training creates circulation to all of the muscles in the body, and reboots the brain, improving mental performance.
Global Energy Consumption™ is another benefit of VMS™. Flush carbohydrate stores, and start burning fat in 3-7 minutes, with an up to 24 hour after-burn!

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