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December 11, 2021
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Contact: John Wiggins

Vertical Movement Systems™

The G-NAT™ patent pending Vertical Movement System™ (VMS™) activates the sympathetic nervous system, bringing the whole body online by activating and recruiting entire tensional lines of muscles at the same time. Increasing the metabolism up to 54% an hour after exercise and 23% twenty four hours after exercise, which simply means you will continue to burn fat long after you are done doing you G-NAT movements. The VMS™ line of equipment is designed to take up only 1 to 3 square feet of floor space, making it super space efficient. Because so many more muscles are used during the exercise protocols, more calories are burned in a fraction of the time normally required with typical exercise modalities and equipment, making it the most time efficient exercise modality. Joints are decompressed while at the same time muscles are loaded with tension, safely increasing strength and joint stability without sacrificing the joint. VMS™ are designed specifically to perform vertical exercise protocols safely and efficiently.


Designed for a light commercial environment, this unit fits well in an office, or school space where a slightly smaller profile is preferred. The VMS5 mounts securely to a wood stud wall with engineered screws, or to a concrete wall with concrete wedge anchors. (anchors not included) The VMS5 requires only an equivalent to approximately 1 square foot of floor space in front of a wall. It is recommended to have a 7 foot wide by 11 foot working space in front of the unit.



Portable unit designed for Rehab & Medical environments. Functional for any space where relocating equipment is beneficial. Folded legs reduce the side profile to only 28″, making it easy to fit through any doorway.
2 Wheel side kit included.



Developed for the home, this low profile design mounts to a wall, outfitted with 2 bars and 2 steps, each adjustable in height for sizing.


Vertical Movement Systems™ & MultiForce™ Combined

The VMS™/MultiForce™ combined equipment are compact multi-modality systems combining both VMS and MultiForce for a multitude of additional movements.


The footprint requires only 4.5 sq. feet of floor space, whether installed in front of a wall or in the middle of the room. It can be installed in places traditional exercise and fitness equipment cannot. Its shared-space design allows the floor space in front of it to be reclaimed for many other daily uses. Designed to mount securely to wood stud walls. The V4MF5 is recommended to have a 7 foot wide by 11 foot working space in front of the unit.



A free-standing professional unit, combing the VMS and MultiForce modalities that requires no anchoring to a floor or wall. With the band kit installed on the V6, a counter balance kit is required (VMFBK). The V6MF5 is perfect for sports specific, occupational, rehab and therapeutic movements.


For additional information on G-NAT (Global Neuromuscular Activation Technology), how it works, and more information on the science, please visit the following links.