Suzannah P 30 yrs old
“I feel awesome, I feel really strong, it has only been a couple of weeks physical therapy with G-­NAT™ and I’ve already noticed
an increase in mobility, my walking is better, my use of my hands are better, I can do things with my right hand that
I was not able to do…it’s really been a fast improvement,…I am recovering from a stroke and I’ve been able to do a lot things like just picking
up a glass and not dropping it, doing things in the kitchen like cutting with a knife, which I wasn’t able to do before”.
Dr Sandy H 45 yrs old
“G-NAT™ has completely transformed my life, …I couldn’t get to the next level until I started getting on the G-NAT Vertical Training System™ with
our trainer Pat Frantz…I can feel my physique physically changing, I am a runner and I run all the time,
and I have watched three minutes come off my mile times… and the only thing I’ve done is add this G­-NAT™ three times a week,
30 minute classes … I really didn’t think I could get an epic workout in 30 minutes and I’ve been truly blown away.”
Connie L. 60 yrs of age
“I believe G-NAT is strengthening my lower back, and back as a whole. I think that for the amount of time on the G-NAT I get a better
workout than other types of devices I’ve used in the past. As far as my over all strength I can definitely tell it’s gotten a lot better…
I’ve been training (PT rehab) for ten weeks now… I always feel better the days I come in… “

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SOLutions for advanced training & rehabilitation

G-NAT™ lets you exercise the muscles without damaging the joints.

Typically joints are sacrificed to strengthen muscles around the joints by having to do exercises and use machines that create compressive forces within and around the joints.

Historically we become stronger in the short term until the joints can no longer handle damaging compressive forces, and we are forced to stop exercising, and once again become weak and vulnerable to injury. It does not have to be that way any longer.

G-NAT™ has gotten away from the old paradigm of exercising and shifted to whole body movements which are truly functional for real life. Stop doing isolated exercises everyday and start doing a few just movements, G-NAT Life Movements™.

G-NAT™ systems provide a platform of both equipment and protocols that allow the practitioner to achieve many objectives at the same time. Build power and strength while increasing cardiovascular capacity, flexibility, and endurance at the same time. Improve circulation, balance and coordination also at the same time, while burning calories and improving body composition.

Perform sport or occupational specific G-NAT Movements™ to increase performance while decreasing the risk of injury both during everyday activities and while playing a sport, or on the job.

G-NAT™ product line allows you to do hundreds of advanced movements in one compact foot print, without sacrificing the quality of movements or the results. As a matter of fact, the G-NAT™ system allows you to quickly progress and advance from one movement to another spending more time moving your body and less time setting up. Our VMS systems require no set-up between movements make your daily routine very fast and effect.

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    • Medical & Rehab
    • Military & Police
    • MMA & Martial Arts
    • Fire & Rescue
    • Occupational Labor Sites (warehouse etc.)
    • School (fitness and academic)
    • Nursery & Preschool
    • Anti-Aging
    • Wellness
    • Recreation & Hunting (shooting, hiking etc.)
    • Fitness (Studios, clubs etc.)
    • Residential
    • Corporate & Office
    • Travel & Leisure (Cruise ships, resorts etc.)
    • Sport Performance (Athletes, NASCAR etc.)



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