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About G-NAT™

G-NAT™ is a patented vertical exercise/training apparatus.  With over 3 decades of applied and evolving experience, you can be sure G-NAT™ will deliver features, advantages and benefits above all, with time tested and proven design and manufacturing methods.

G-NAT™’s manufacturing is registered with PLATINUM REGISTRATION as a company that has developed, implemented and maintains a quality management system that conforms to the requirements of the following International Standards: ISO 9001;2008 (certified).

The mission of G-NAT™ is to improve the life of as many people as possible, by producing products that will be safer and more ergonomic for the body, and save precious time being a sustainable exercise modality for everyone at all ages, sizes and condition levels.

G-NAT™ is a personal exercise system that you do at your own pace and intensity. Results come fast with less time invested. Life is enjoyed outside the gym or rehab center, so spend less time in it. Life is fast, be faster.

The G-NAT™ product line is designed to deliver exceptional results across many varying fields and applications, from the beginner fitness enthusiast to the most extreme athlete. Its versatility allows it to be used gently and effectively in medical therapy, while on the other end of the application spectrum it can be used to create soldiers with more strength, speed, endurance and accuracy.

The G-NAT™ efficiently addresses many exercise and training requirements at the same time, making its time efficiency far above typical exercise equipment and methods. Its real-world movements and applied forces amplify everything it is used for, without the sacrifice of joints and connective tissues. The joint decompression benefits are enjoyed while at the same time muscle is being exercised to improve joint stability, balance and coordination.

G-NAT™ is equally space efficient as well as time efficient, with hundreds of exercises in just one small and controlled area. G-NAT™ exercises are truly functional and incorporate entire tensional and multiple myofascial lines and kinetic chains of muscles, not just isolated muscles and short kinetic chains.

The founders philosophy of true functional training/exercise, must always be done integrating tensions applied from hand to foot, hand to hand, foot to foot, head to foot and/or head to hand. Anything else is less than real life movement we experience everyday at home, work or play.

After more than 3 decades of applied science, G-NAT™ can make everything you do better. You can jump higher, throw further and with more accuracy, run faster and longer, lift more and play harder with less risk of injury.

Team G-NAT™ welcomes the opportunity to serve and help you attain your goals both personally and professionally. So take the first step and contact us for more information and a free consultation.
The G-NAT™ Life is waiting for you.


G-NAT™ proudly designs, engineers, builds and assembles our products in the USA. Note: we “Build”, not just assemble, there is a big difference.

G-NAT™’s manufacturing is registered with PLATINUM REGISTRATION as a company that has developed, implemented and maintains a quality management system conforming to the requirements of International Standards: ISO 9001;2008 (certified).

Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA) is the foundation of G-NAT™ manufacturing processes:

  • Only high quality raw materials used in our manufacturing processes.
  • Components meet or exceed ASTM and ANSI Standards applicable to our product lines.
  • G-NAT™ metal parts are CNC 3D & 2D Laser cut and machined to precision tolerances.
  • CNC forming insures VMS™ parts fit together at specific tolerances whether at the welding table, robot, or in the field during assembly.
  • State of the art welding processes insure structural integrity.
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For additional information on G-NAT (Global Neuromuscular Activation Technology), how it works, and more information on the science, please visit the following links.