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G-NAT™ Vertical Movement Systems™

G-NAT™ is an innovative, patented product line designed and developed to take exercise to the next level of science and technology.

The mission of G-NAT™ is to improve the life of as many people as possible, by producing products that will be safer and more ergonomic for the body, and save precious time, being a sustainable exercise modality for everyone at all ages, sizes and condition levels.

G-NAT™ is a personal exercise system that you do at your own pace and intensity. Results come fast with less time invested. Life is enjoyed outside the gym and rehab center, so spend less time in it.
Life is fast, be faster.

How does a G-NAT™ Vertical Movement System™ work?

What exactly is Global Neuromuscular Activation™?

When properly executed, vertical training on a Vertical Movement System™ activates the sympathetic nervous system by preventing the body from establishing a state of equilibrium. This activation is called Global Neuromuscular Activation™ (GNA™), where all 603 motor muscles are put on standby, and 200+ of those muscles are recruited while performing 12 specifically designed Vertical Life Movements™.

Typically, for the body to activate and make every motor muscle available for recruitment, there would be a fear based emotion, triggering the sympathetic response and activating those 603 motor muscles. This fearful state is also know as Fight or Flight (FOF).
While you feel perfectly safe on a Vertical Movement System™,  stepping onto the G-NAT™ equipment is a “soft” trigger, activating all 603 motor muscles involuntarily, putting them on standby and making them available for recruitment, without the FOF emotional trigger. This activation occurs because your brain recognizes the position your body is in, the threat of angular force if the fingers fail to maintain attachment, and the potentially abnormal direction of descent with how the body will pivot at the foot attachment point while descending.

What this means, is you are able to recruit and use 200+ muscles simultaneously for your workout!
With this many muscles involved at one time, the amount of time you will spend training will be much shorter, and exponentially more efficient.

Differences between traditional horizontal exercise vs Vertical Movement™ training.

Horizontal training is exercise performed on a horizontal plane or support surface, that stabilizes and permits the body to find and maintain equilibrium and a sense of balance. Some examples of this (but not limited to) are; on the floor, a seat, bench, table or in the water. Horizontal training/exercise movements require voluntary activation and recruitment of select muscles, and are limited to the recruitment of 5-10 muscles at any one time on each side of the body, in isolation or regional chains of muscles or Myofascial Lines. While effective, this is inefficient, and restricted by the minimal amount of muscles being recruited by the body to participate in the exercise movements.

Vertical Training is exercise done on a vertical plane that does not allow the body to find equilibrium. Once attached to the vertical surface of a Vertical Movement System™, leverage forces created for more than a moment by the weight of the body’s torso, involuntarily forces the recruitment of 200+ muscles in Tensional Lines! Sounds pretty amazing?! That is the fascinating phenomenon of Global Neuromuscular Activation Technology (G-NAT™).

What are the advantages of using GNA™?

G-NAT Life Movements™ decompress the joints from hand to foot, while at the same time create tension within the muscles surrounding and supporting the joints, developing much needed joint stability to reduce risk of injury and increase overall balance and stability. It also improves our ability to transition from one movement to another.

More movement synergy makes us stronger, more coordinated and improves overall speed and human performance.

GEC™ (Global Energy Consumption™): is an inherent side effect of GNA™. The body becomes more efficient at burning glucose and fat stores because so many muscles are continually engaged. With several hundred muscles all wanting to recover, this puts the body into “after burn” for over 24 hours.

What Can Vertical Movement™ Do For Me?

  • Full Body Focus vs. Isolated Muscle Focus
  • Low To No Impact Movements vs. High Impact Movements on almost every other form of equipment.
  • Joint DECOMPRESSION vs. Joint Compression.
  • Major benefits of joint decompression while vertical training are Improved Blood Circulation, and Neurotransmission
  • Improved Skeletal Alignment and Postural Form
  • Improved Movement Pathways and Musculoskeletal balance.
  • Very small equipment footprint. You can mount the Vertical System to a wall
  • Efficient Use Of Your Time. A full workout in 6-12 minutes, including a 24+ hour “after burn” where the body burns fat at 56-24% higher than normal.

G-NAT™ products can be seamlessly implemented into many different environments without any sacrifice of benefits and performance. Because the science is based upon the actual mechanics and physiology of the body, it is the individual’s body and physiology that dictates the function of the products. It can equally deliver results to a de-conditioned or injured person as it would to the extreme athlete, and everyone in between.

We invite you to review the Independent G-NAT Equipment And Effectiveness Review to see a Vertical Movement System™ tested in a laboratory environment. This study focuses on the Central Nervous System (CNS) response, balance and stability, metabolic response, orthopedics and joint impact.

Additional details on the Science of Vertical Movement are available here.

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