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Corporate & Office

Improve decision making and increase productivity, while increasing employees morale and heath by investing only as little as 8 minutes a day for each employee. Just one minute or less every hour, without breaking a sweat. Greatest thing is it fits in the office itself, not just the corporate exercise room/gym. Fits not only because of how little space it takes, but also because it looks good and does not look like an obvious piece of exercise equipment.

Our corporate stability program requires 1 to 3 square feet of floor space for every 10-15 employees. It relieves repetitive motion, postural, neuromuscular and neurological stresses by doing the G-NAT™ Corporate Stability Protocols™ for less than one minute every hour. The employee is decompressed, stabilized and refreshed once every hour putting them in a better state of mind to take on the mental challenges of the day, able to make better and more profitable decisions, making fewer mistakes and increasing yield and overall productivity.

  • Rapid results increase motivation and desire to continue
  • Burn calories for hours after working out for minutes
  • Takes the work out of workout
  • Work your brain and your body
  • Benefits the whole family
  • An invest in quality of life
  • Total body workout takes 6 minutes or less
  • More efficient use of time and space
  • Cardio, strength and flexibility all-in-one
  • Safe to do for a lifetime
  • Something you will not quit after 2 months
  • Any age, any condition, start at your own level and progress at your own pace
  • Regain your mobility and flexibility
  • Reduces stress immediately
  • Reduces hip and low back stiffness
  • Relieves joint pain through low impact decompressive movements
  • You don’t have to work like an athlete to feel like an athlete
  • The only failure is not getting on it
  • Self Confidence: Stop feeling guilty about doing nothing and do the simplest thing for yourself
  • Fortify your body and stimulate your mind
  • Total body results
  • Complete core strengthening
  • Improves balance, stability and range of motion
For additional information on G-NAT (Global Neuromuscular Activation Technology), how it works, and more information on the science, please visit the following links.