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MMA – Martial Arts

Quoting founder Doug Brendle, “you do not fight to train, you train to fight”. Martial artists and MMA fighters constantly attempt to inspire positive gains and strength by spending most of their time on the mat, in-front of a heavy bag, or following a traditional strength training regimen. To increase the strength and speed of a punch, kick or block you are required to build more muscle and better muscle activation and recruitment to start and follow through. Hitting a bag increases connective twins and joint damage, but does nothing to increase strength and speed with repetition.

  • Stronger and faster with less time exercising.
  • Whole body synergy, minimize weak links in muscle chains.
  • Fight-specific exercises for the VMS™ & MultiForce System™
  • Lower risk of injury via joint stability and improved reaction speed.
  • Improve skill sets (fighting, equipment operation, etc.) and coordination through neuromuscular education.
  • Better oxygen management, improving endurance at all altitudes.
  • Improved personal and group moral.
  • Space efficient, small foot print, accommodates more people in less space.
  • Indoor and outdoor applications.
G-NAT™ understands the requirement to condition the body to respond to any and all forces you may encounter. We have designed a system that will allow the body to specifically identify and then duplicate real world forces that are experienced either during training or in the ring.
Whether it is the stress of sitting behind a desk, or hand to hand combat, we can duplicate the forces against you in such a manner that you can efficiently and safely train for them in an fight specific exercise. With the exception of mastering technique, the fight to train method is limiting. We can show you how to train to fight. Fight faster and stronger with less risk of injury. Risk of injury is not just when you are fighting, but ironically there is more risk of injury doing typical exercise and training methods. Let us show you how to train safer, in less time, with greater results.
Spend less time setting up, and more time training, with our quick transition Band Turrets™ and whole body Vertical Movement Systems™.
For additional information on G-NAT (Global Neuromuscular Activation Technology), how it works, and more information on the science, please visit the following links.