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We take the lives and needs of our soldiers and more than seriously, we treasure them and the security they give us, and the rest of our country everyday risking their well being and lives. G-NAT™ has developed training equipment and methods to maximize the capabilities needed to make our soldiers stronger, faster and with more endurance, without requiring a lot more muscle mass. We improve balance and coordination along with improved reflex and autonomic response to threat.

Build and maintain better service men and women

  • Stronger and faster with less time exercising.
  • Whole body synergy, minimizes weak links in muscle chains.
  • Duty-specific exercises for the VMS™ & MultiForce System™
  • Lower risk of injury via joint stability and improved reaction speed.
  • Improve skill sets (fighting, equipment operation, etc.) and coordination through neuromuscular education, G-NAT™
  • Better oxygen management, improving endurance at all altitudes.
  • Improved personal and group moral.
  • Space efficient, small foot print, accommodates more people in less space.
  • Can be installed in barracks, offices, ships, vehicles, temporary structures and more.
  • Indoor and outdoor applications.

Mentally: The flight or fight response can be very damaging to the nervous system and the overall well being of the soldier or officer when experience too often. We retrain and educate the system to better deal with the FOF response during and after the the threatening event, allowing for better physical performance and mental decision during the event and a faster and positive recovery minimizing trauma and both physically and mentally.  For those experiencing injury and PTSD, see Medical & Rehab, to understand how G-NAT™ can help with recovery.

We believe in training for the autonomic response and making a soldier and officer better equipped to perform while on duty, but we also believe it is equally important to address the needs of those who are suffering from ill prepared experiences and need help getting back on track, and we can help with our Global Neuromuscular Protocols™.
Physically: It is very important that tactical and defense professionals do everything they can to be prepared for anything at any time. G-NAT™ understands that this requires conditioning the body to respond to any and all forces you may encounter. We have designed a system that will allow you to specifically identify and then duplicate real world forces that is experienced on the job or battlefield.

Whether it is the stress of sitting behind a desk, or hand to hand combat, VMS™ can duplicate the forces against you in such a manner that you can efficiently and safely train for them in an duty specific exercise. Aside from technique, you can not fight to train, but we can show you how to train to fight. Fight faster and stronger with less risk of injury. Risk of injury is not just when you are fighting, but ironically there is more risk of injury doing typical exercise and training methods. Let us show you how to train safer, in less time, with greater results.

Spend less time setting up, and more time training, with quick transition Band Turrets™ and whole body vertical exercise systems.

For additional information on G-NAT (Global Neuromuscular Activation Technology), how it works, and more information on the science, please visit the following links.