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Obstacle Course Racing

For those who particiapte in some form of race, you know the rush of excitement that comes from waiting for that final starting moment.  It’s why we race…right?  Well double that rush when you are standing in the corral, about to begin your 1st or your 50th Obstacle Course Race! (OCR).  Battling the elements, terrain, or deviously devised obstacles is a true thrill.  To get to a confident point to take on an OCR event or course, you need to spend time preparing, so you can not only appreciate the experience, but also complete it safely and minimize the risks.  G-NAT™ has developed training equipment and methods that will give a beginner to a seasoned elite athlete, a competitive edge up.   The Vertical Movement Systems™ equipment and protocols will prepare and condition the body to respond to any and all forces you may encounter on the course.

Mitigating the risk of injury is not just when you are competing, but ironically there is more risk of injury while engaging in typical exercises and training methods. Let us show you how to train safer, in less time, with greater results.

  • 12 Sustainable Life Movements
  • Whole body synergy, minimize weak links in muscle chains.
  • Global Neuromuscular Activation
  • Global Muscular Integration
  • Global Calorie Consumption
  • Increased Metabolism for over 24 hours
  • Joint Decompression, Improved Circulation
  • Joint Stabilization and Flexibility
  • Better oxygen management, improving endurance at all altitudes.
  • Cardiovascular & Muscle Endurance
  • Core Strength and Integration
  • Balance, Proprioception and Kinesthesia
  • Positive Sympathetic Response
  • All the above simultaneously in just minutes
  • Hundreds of exercises and variations
  • For ages 1 – 100, Rehab to Pro Athlete

Train for Altitude, without being in Altitude
Traditionally, unless you can continuously live and train at a higher altitude your body won’t acclimate and you won’t reap the benefits of high altitude training, which is increased red blood cell count and oxygen carrying capacity.  There is also the risk of cellular damage when training at high altitudes, if your body can’t get enough oxygen.  However, whether you are at sea level, or in the Mile HIgh City, you can train for altitude with Vertical Movement Systems™ and here is why: The body’s only way to intake and store more oxygen is to increase more red blood cells.  Due to the high number of muscles being activated and used with the VMS™, the high demand for oxygen during VMS™ movements and recovery, can stimulate red blood cell production.

For additional information on G-NAT (Global Neuromuscular Activation Technology), how it works, and more information on the science, please visit the following links.