G-NAT™ products can be seamlessly implemented into many different environments without any sacrifice of benefits and performance. Because the science is based upon the actual mechanics and physiology of the body, it is the individual’s body and physiology that dictates the function of the products. It can equally deliver results to a de-conditioned or injured person as it would to the extreme athlete, and everyone in between.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

Seems like our winter workout with GNAT, thanks Doug Brendle for introducing us helped us today! We hiked down an extremely rugged mountain to the Laramie River and back up today. One of many hikes scheduled for the summer. Different views of the Jelm Mountain area and our hike. Vivian & Alfred Vigil – Montana

“Highly recommend Brendle USA! Recently purchased and installed the G-NAT™ System at our shop and we use it everyday!”Tom Schoneck of First Class Truck and Auto Service

As rehabilitation specialists, we utilize many different modalities and pieces of exercise equipment to achieve our desired results for patients.  The G-Nat has taken a lot of the guess work out of what we should use.  A system that not only provides whole-body, decompressive movements, but adaptable to nearly all spectrums of ability; the G-NAT can do it all.  From our top-level performers to patients with multiple comorbidities, we are able to achieve high-quality results for nearly all of our patients with this one piece of equipment.   This is the most used piece of exercise equipment in our Therapy gym, hands-down. Jason – Rehab Manager.
Centura Health Center for Therapy

“..So happy with G-Nat and appreciate your help in using it. It has been so good for me. I recently was putting on some electric blankets on some beds at my house which required me to crawl under beds, etc. Anyway, after finishing I realized I had no trouble getting up from the floor without using hands or arms to help. This is a new development for me as I had started to need more than my legs to get off the floor…”
Nina (81 Years young!) | Prescott AZ

On 2/11/2011, I had a major stroke which ultimately affected my total right side, but mostly my right hand and right leg. After regular physical therapy for about a year and a half, no more therapy was authorized by my insurance company at which time my mobility was status quo. I still had issues with mobility, strength, and coordination on my right side. Then Anthony (AC) Carnevale introduced me to the Vertical Movement System. The first time I tried Vertical Movement, I couldn’t step up to the first step with my right leg. It didn’t take long for me to become aware that my mobility, strength, and coordination was improving dramatically after using the Vertical Movement System just a few times. I can now step up from the first to the third step with my right leg. Another amazing thing is the cardio benefits that I get from just minutes of Vertical Movement. I am grateful to Anthony for introducing me to the Vertical Movement System, and I highly recommended him and this system to others. All physical therapists should use this system and program. Joe uses the Vertical Movement System three times a week.  He introduced the system to his therapist, Dr. Eric Clark.  Dr. Clark was so impressed with the impact for Joe that he bought a Vertical Movement System for his therapy/chiropractic practice where other patients are now experiencing remarkable results.
Interview With: Joe Saccomanno – February 22, 2018
Vertical Dynamics PRO: Anthony “AC” Carnevale
Reason for use: Stroke Victim
Age: 71

GNAT™ VMS results are mind blowing!! I have never dreamed I would be able to run 15 miles and now I can and the best part is it is effortless. If you train for any endurance sport you MUST experience what this can do for you, you will be Blown Away!! Raise the bar peeps in your fitness ability. I have patients who had no athletic ability, who have suffered a stroke, and who have had severe heart disease that are now posting they have completed 5Ks for the first time in their life! It is never to late to begin please believe there is hope!

G-NAT™ has completely transformed my life, …I couldn’t get to the next level until I started getting on the G-NAT Vertical Movement System™ with our trainer Pat Frantz…I can feel my physique physically changing, I am a runner and I run all the time, and I have watched three minutes come off my mile times… and the only thing I’ve done is add this G­-NAT™ three times a week, I really didn’t think I could get an epic workout in under 30 minutes and I’ve been truly blown away.
Dr. Sandy Valdez Haas – Benchmark Medical Colorado
See Dr. Haas Video Testimonial here

I am 52 years young! I Have been working out on The G-NAT™ VMS training system at Benchmark Medical Group For about 9 months now and this system has been so Amazing on the transformation on my body and the way I feel! I have So much more Energy and Stamina! I feel that it has dramatically Improved my cardiovascular, My Strength, My Balance, My flexibility, My Posture and even have noticed better Digestion! It’s helped my hips tremendously after having a stress-fractured hip two years ago with my running! I feel the Transformation of my body is becoming leaner and more defined in muscles that don’t normally get worked with traditional weights! I can’t imagine working out now on anything else!
Terri Ritter – Colorado

4 years ago I was in an accident where my skull was fractured and I suffered a traumatic brain injury. I have had all the symptoms that are typical with the tbi’s. I found G-NAT™ and started the lifestyle modalities (Life Movements™) and after just a few sessions I could feel the benefits. I feel less anxious and more in control of my emotions. My mental Clarity has greatly improved thanks to G-NAT™
Cannon Meyer – Fort Collins, Colorado

UPDATE: Within 6 months of VMS training, Cannon regained and drastically improved his strength, balance and coordination. He went on to qualify and compete in the American Ninja Warrior competition on NBC.

Starting my day out on the G-NAT Vertical Movement System is as necessary as wearing shoes.
My standing posture has improved and my feet are no longer as tired as they used to be! My gait is longer and I am able to step higher, therefore, it is safer and easier getting on and off equipment, which is a part of my day-to-day activity. It seemed as though my chiropractor was threatened by the idea of G-NAT because it works so well. My goal is to never ever see him again. I am a skilled tradesman but I feel that those who sit or stand all day long have the most difficult physical job. If I do have to sit for a long period of time, I’m less stiff and less sore when I get up due to G-NAT. Another little added bonus is that ever since using G-NAT I have experienced more regular bowel movements. My back pain is also gone. Lastly, I have seen an improvement in my thinking ability when adding up numbers and in being able to go into a subject in depth. One could say that I’m smarter now than ever! Thank you!
Dennis Meitl – Colby, Kansas

Why G-NAT™? Because G-NAT™ gave me back my desire and excitement for training. G-NAT™ made training interesting again, gave me new personal records to hit. G-NAT™ gave me back the hunger for heavy lifting of my youth. I became obsessed with knowing more, having better understanding for, and defying logic when it came to vertical movement. After many years of G-NAT™ training and certs I competed in my first come-back amateur strongman challenge in 6 years. At 51 years young I pulled a 450lb axle deadlift for 10 reps in 60 seconds, and qualified for Nationals, thanks to the functional strength, balance, and efficient mind muscle connection G-NAT™ helped me produce.
G-NAT™ is the only training modality truly designed for every one of all levels, conditions, and abilities. G-NAT™ enhances performance and promotes total body functionality to support all disciplines and sports. You are Better with G-NAT™!
Pat Frantz – Marine, Bodybuilder & Strongman Champion – Windsor, Colorado

I do G- NAT™ through my pregnancy because I do not want to damage my body by going to the gym and try to lift weights or to cardio equipment, and having so much restrictions just to try to keep in shape G-NAT™ does everything I need all at the same time. In onshore 6 minute session I get my cardio, strength, flexibility, balance and joint stability, to mention a few, without threatening my pregnancy. I have been doing strictly Life Movements™ because it helps me build my posture, physical physique, and maintain my mental state. As all soon to be mothers out there know pregnancy brain is a real struggle! I found that using G- NAT™ has tremendously helped with physical fatigue, mental clarity, and memory.

I am also a Certified Yoga Instructor and I do yoga on the G-NAT™ VMS, I wanted to continue doing my yoga practice but minus all the joint compression and extreme stretching my body shouldn’t have right now. I do yoga on the G-NAT™ because it allows my body to restrict to its limit and not go further, it allows me to continue my yoga practice without any potential joint damage, and also to get more out of my yoga practice by causing each pose to activate and recruit so many muscles that normally would just be stretching.
Doing G-NAT™ has helped me maintain my confidence all through the pregnancy as you couldn’t even tell that I was carrying as my abs still had muscle definition and stomach was flat, until of course the last couple of months where nobody can hide that you have a huge baby growing inside of you, thank you G-NAT!
Alyssa Classi – Fort Collins, Colorado

As a very athletic person, I was skeptical at first of what the G-NAT™ Vertical Movement System™ could do for me. Needless to say, I was blown away! I have been using the VMS™ for almost 2 months now and I feel leaner, stronger and more flexible than I have in a very long time. The G-NAT™ has helps me lose 2% of my bodyfat, and I have muscle definition that gets better every day! Interestingly, I feel that since using the G-NAT™, I am sleeping better and have better energy in the morning!
Dr. Jason W. Haas – Benchmark Medical Group

I needed to get back into exercising for my health. I wasn’t enjoying going back to the gym and trying to figure out what “my body” needed. I was introduced to G-NAT™ from my husband whom I was seeing a physical transformation after just a few sessions on G-NAT™. I have found my own body transforming. My health has improved. I’m more flexible, stronger, and have more energy. Hiking and playing with the grandkids is more fun now because I can move much faster and my stamina is almost equal to theirs. I’ve even lost a few pounds. The G-NAT Vertical Movement System has taken all the guesswork out. I’m loving the Life Movements™ and how little time I have to spend getting and staying in the best shape of my life.
Cheri Meyer – Cheyenne, Wyoming

I’ve always had a weak core and back. Over exerting my back would sometimes completely incapacitate me!
I’ve been training on GNAT™ for about 3 months now. Only GNAT™ 3 times per week!
Recently, I moved. It involved a full week of lifting, pulling, pushing heavy boxes and furniture including a couch, all by myself. I felt like super woman! Let me mention that I am a 49 yr old, 5’3″ petite woman! When the move was over, I was fine! No lie back pain, no incapacitation! I felt great!
I owe that to GNAT™!

I’ve gone through periods in my life where I have been completely committed to being the best possible physical shape. That includes nutritional coaching and some form of physical training! To me it’s not enough to be thin. It’s muscle tone that visually conveys youthfulness! That said, I want muscle while still maintaining a very lean, feminine appearance!

I accomplished this goal many times over through various types of training but often was not left feeling as feminine in my physical appearance as I would have liked.
Training on GNAT™ for about 3 months now, 3 times a week, I am amazed at the very even distribution of muscle gain from my arms, through my shoulders, torso, and down through my legs! I have visible muscle tone where I have never, had it before! I’m 49 yrs old, and my body looks better than it has than at anyone other time in my adult life!!! I am a huge believer in what the GNAT™ can do!
Rose Valdez – Resort Operations Consultant, Colorado

Why did I change my way of exercising and weight lifting? Why did I choose G-NAT™ Vertical Movement?
I have always wanted to stay in physical shape, be healthy, and have the ability to do everyday activities. I have run, biked, weight trained and done Karate. My good friend whom I have weight trained with for the last 30 years suggested that I try Vertical training, which he referred to as G-NAT™. I had no idea what he was referring to or if this type of training had any value to me. I was not happy with my current exercise program; I was looking for something to inspire my work outs, so I thought I should try it.
My friend, along with Doug Brendle, introduced me to the 12 Life Movements and I performed them. I was amazed at the impact on my body and cardio results. Immediately I was hooked on this intense workout that could be done in a short amount of time.
After 8 weeks and a total of 23 actual training sessions on the G-NAT™, I am stronger, my balance and flexibility has improved similar to when I was performing Karate moves in my thirties. Most noticeable is the absence of joint pain I felt after my weight lifting. My core is tighter, posture is better and straighter, and overall my physique has improved.
At age 62, my health and fitness are important; therefore, I purchased my own G-NAT™ Vertical Movement System. G-NAT™ is what I needed to inspire me again.
Al Vigil – Wyoming

The G-NAT™ Vertical Movement System™ (VMS) has given me an ability to exercise intensely in a way that I have not been able to for years. I have been progressively getting weaker and having more pain as my knee degeneration worsens. Until finding the VMS™ at Benchmark Medical Group, I have not been able to exercise as the pain was too intense. I have been using the VMS™ for almost 2 months now and I am finally to exercise without excruciating knee pain. I am getting stronger, I’ve lost my “spare tire” and I can feel my legs getting stronger and stronger. I was even able to go on a six mile hike last weekend with very little knee pain at all. Thank you G-NAT™ for giving my life back!!
Julie S. – Loveland, CO

There is nothing that compares to G-NAT!

Just hearing about it from others inspired me to go all in on this new modality. Once I got on it, I realized that it was even more impressive than I thought. The Vertical Movement System is very simple but the effects are profound. For me, the strengthening that occurs in a short amount of time is impressive, but even more impressive is the impact the system has on my neurological pathways and the creation of brain coherence. It is such a fast, fun, and efficient way to get a total body workout! I have seen the amount of reps I can do of the Life Movements dramatically increase in just 3 months. I am 22 and there has never been a better time to totally take on my life and my body as I move into my prime. Thank you!
Jerrik Keller – Sedona, AZ

I love the G-Nat™! I am 48 and I feel good being active and having that my strength increase noticeably in one month’s time. I have lost 3 inches off my stomach so far. Carving time to exercise is difficult and I am thankful to engage all my muscles in a such a manageable time frame. It takes 6 minutes for the 6 reps that I am able to do so far. It is for anyone and any age. I think it is exactly what people are looking for. I am sharing it with many people I know that will appreciate knowing that something is available that engages the mind, muscles and contributes to strength and flexibility. I really look forward what is ahead.
Raelene Keller – Oakley, Kansas

I have been exercising for as long as I can remember. When I first saw the G-NAT™ VMS, I was unsure how it could augment my already-intense exercise regime. In the first two weeks of using the VMS, I became aware that I was able to lift more at the gym on my bench press and my Squat. Since using the VMS for almost a month, I am feeling stronger, my muscles seem to work more efficiently and I do not get winded as quickly when I mountain-bike. I am very excited to see what the VMS does for me in the future and my wife says I’m looking better than I have in years!
Douglas M. – Windsor, CO

I feel awesome, I feel really strong, it has only been a couple of weeks physical therapy with G-­NAT™ and I’ve already noticed an increase in mobility, my walking is better, my use of my hands are better, I can do things with my right hand that I was not able to do…it’s really been a fast improvement,…I am recovering from a stroke and I’ve been able to do a lot things like just picking up a glass and not dropping it, doing things in the kitchen like cutting with a knife, which I wasn’t able to do before.
Suzannah P, 30 yrs young – Colorado

I believe G-NAT is strengthening my lower back, and back as a whole. I think that for the amount of time on the G-NAT I get a better workout than other types of devices I’ve used in the past. As far as my over all strength I can definitely tell it’s gotten a lot better… I’ve been training (PT rehab) for ten weeks now… I always feel better the days I come in…
Connie L. 60 yrs young – Colorado

I am a young active woman and I love using the G-NAT™ because of the ease of having it in my own home. It takes up very little space compared to other equipment and offers me more in a shorter amount of time. I choose to use the vertical movement system (VMS) as my primary exercise modality because it’s so fast and enjoyable! After just a couple of months, I already feel stronger.
Maia Vettore – Sedona, Arizona

For additional information on G-NAT (Global Neuromuscular Activation Technology), how it works, and more information on the science, please visit the following links.