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Engineered for commercial use, this unit fits well in a dedicated space enjoying heavy use. The only VMS with bars that can tilt forward to exponentially increase difficulty. The V4MF5 is a compact multi-modality system combining both VMS and MultiForce for a multitude of additional movements. This combo system can be used by 1-3 people at the same time by adjusting the band banks to one of four positions. The V4MF5 is perfect for sports specific, occupational, rehab and therapeutic movements. The footprint requires only 4.5 sq. feet of floor space, whether installed in front of a wall or in the middle of the room. It can be installed in places traditional exercise and fitness equipment cannot. Its shared-space design allows the floor space in front of it to be reclaimed for many other daily uses. Designed to anchor securely to a concrete floor. The V4MF5 is recommended to have a 7 foot wide by 11 foot working space in front of the unit. (includes 4 concrete floor wedge anchors)
Custom colors are not stock, and additional cost varies depending on the color combination.

For additional information on G-NAT (Global Neuromuscular Activation Technology), how it works, and more information on the science, please visit the following links.